How can I tell if your services are right for me?

    I have worked successfully with individuals with a wide range of learning difficulties. I address both the cognitive and the emotional aspects. Before beginning treatment I provide a complimentary consultation lasting 20 – 30 minutes. During this consultation we discuss in detail your learning history and current needs. As we speak I am able to form an impression about whether my services are a true fit. The next step in the process is a one-hour session at the end of which I present a detailed treatment plan.

    How are your sessions structured?

    Typically I work with the client on real-life tasks, such as school assignments for students and work assignments for adults. However, the primary purpose is not to complete the work. As the work is addressed, we are in dialogue about the underlying neuropsychological mechanisms at play. In this way, I am able to come to a deep understanding of your approach to learning. We will work together to define your strengths as a learner and to understand factors that impede your learning. We then define the conditions which best support your learning.

    The essence of my practice is to come to an understanding of how you best learn. On this basis we can together create an approach to learning which allows you to bypass obstacles, exercise your full intellectual power, and –I hope– come to enjoy learning.

    How long does treatment take?

    Because each individual is different, there is no set duration of treatment. Many issues can be resolved within six to eight sessions. Other times ongoing work is indicated. In every case I will talk with you before we begin treatment about the expected duration and we will check in frequently along the way.

    How does neuropsychology inform your practice?

    Neuropsychology is the branch of neuroscience which focuses on behavior, including emotion, cognition, and attention. I have focused my career on the neuropsychology of learning. This knowledge base gives me a basis to come to a deep and nuanced understanding of what conditions will support each of my clients in learning.